The Salvation Army National Advisory Board consists of business and community leaders who voluntarily provide their professional skills and knowledge of the community to:

  • Assist The Salvation Army in interpreting community needs;
  • Facilitate the development of resources to make a practical difference in the community, strengthening The Salvation Army’s ability to serve;
  • Increase public awareness of The Salvation Army’s purpose and work, including the recruitment of volunteers and giving of hands-on assistance;
  • Provide advice and guidance to The Salvation Army in areas such as budgeting, capital campaigns, public relations, fundraising, and building improvements and maintenance.

The commitment to excellence and serving others unite these like-minded professionals from diverse backgrounds to form a National Advisory Board that is a vital partner in The Salvation Army ministry.

We are blessed to have Mr S. Dhanabalan as our Patron and Mr Bill Foo as the Chairman of the National Advisory Board. As at 25 November 2022, members of our National Advisory Board include Mr Aje Saigal, Ms Cheng Pai Ling, Mr Eugene Lim, Mr Luke Lim, Mr Richard Yong, Datuk Robert Chua, Mr Wen Khai Meng, Lt-Col Kyle Smith, Colonel Hary Haran, Captain Anthony Yong, Captain Lee Wai Chun and Ms Fiona Soh.