4. Sponsor A Child



Across the world, poverty forces families to settle in slums where the conditions are universally appalling. Clean safe water, basic nutrition and education are not always available. For millions of children in the developing world, everyday life is a struggle.

The Salvation Army Children and Youth Sponsorship Programme addresses this need and aims to change lives, particularly in Myanmar where some children live in extreme poverty. We provide the children and youth with necessities and give them access to better education.

Through your monthly support, more teachers can be engaged to tutor the children who are weak in their studies. The children will receive school uniforms and bags, which most families cannot afford, and have opportunities to attend educational trips. Donations also go towards supporting the upgrading of school facilities to provide a safe learning environment for the children.

To make a monthly contribution to the Children and Youth Sponsorship Programme, you can fill up our Donation Form and mail the completed form back to us.

You can also choose to make a one-time donation via PayNow:

• Scan the QR Code with your mobile banking app
• Key in your preferred donation amount
• Indicate preferred Country (Malaysia/Myanmar) for children and youth sponsorship into the reference field
• Submit your donation

Do note that donations made for overseas causes will not be entitled for tax deduction. For more information, kindly contact us at 6555 0226.