2. Leave A Legacy


One way of giving to support the cause of The Salvation Army is to plan during your lifetime a future gift/donation to The Salvation Army that will happen beyond your lifetime i.e. your legacy gift.

You can partner The Salvation Army in making a lasting impact beyond your lifetime in giving hope, making a difference and seeing lives transformed for future generations to come. By leaving a legacy gift, you will help The Salvation Army in providing meaningful, effective programmes and services to meet the emerging needs of future generations. You can leave a legacy gift to The Salvation Army through the following avenues:

CPF Nomination allows you to distribute your CPF monies according to your wishes. The CPF Board will recognise your intention to include The Salvation Army as a nominee only when you have filed an updated or new nomination with the CPF Board.

Please note that your CPF monies are excluded from your estate and cannot be covered under a Will. Hence, it is important that you make your CPF nomination.

You can name The Salvation Army as a nominee when you make a nomination on your own insurance policies. Please refer to your insurance company on the relevant policies that allow such nomination.

If you have made a Will and have not made any nomination on your insurance policies, the insurance monies will be distributed as part of general residuary estate under your Will.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to helping people in need. By including a gift in your Will to The Salvation Army, you can be assured that we can continue to help others for years to come. Your gift in Will can include assets such as your monies, real estate, investments, jewelry or other personal properties.

Your Will is a legal document that represents your intentions of how you would like the assets under your estate to be distributed to the beneficiaries named in your Will. We would advise that you seek professional help to draft your Will to ensure the necessary clauses are included to reflect your wishes.

Please click here for a copy of our leaflet.

“I am very passionate about helping those in need. As such, I have volunteered extensively, both locally and overseas, since as early as 2008. Some of my contributions included outreach programmes with the elderly, supporting families of critically ill children, humanitarian and disaster relief efforts in Myanmar, China and Philippines.

My first volunteer activity with The Salvation Army was to support a legacy talk in 2020. After the event, I realised the importance of leaving a lasting legacy beyond one’s lifetime. I felt that The Salvation Army’s mission in transforming and empowering lives resonated with my passion for humanitarian work. Confident that The Salvation Army would be able to help fulfil my desire of making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, I decided to plan and make a bequest in my will to The Salvation Army.

The reason for sharing my story is that I hope it inspires people to give hope to the needy beyond our lifetime, as with our kindness, the lives of the beneficiaries will be changed forever.”

Marisol, Legacy Donor

When you make a CPF/Insurance Nomination or leave a gift in your Will in favour of The Salvation Army, please provide below information:

Beneficiary / Nominee: The Salvation Army
Registered Address: 20 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 579768
UEN: T07CC3012G

Enquiries, please contact our Legacy Department:
WhatsApp: 8823 0533 | Main Line: 6555 0188 | Email: legacies@smm.salvationarmy.org