2. Donate Monthly


Red Shield Club is a donation programme providing a steady source of funds for The Salvation Army’s social centres and programmes to help our beneficiaries through fixed monthly donations. Your donation helps provide comprehensive care for the underprivileged. Here is how your donation impacts the lives of those we serve:

$10 Provides a vulnerable child with 3 meals a day.
$50 Prevents a struggling family from going hungry by providing necessary food rations and support.
$100 Provides academic support and developmental programmes for a disadvantaged child.
$150 Helps support befriending services to isolated seniors and migrant workers.
$200 Provides diapers and milk feeds for an elderly resident with no family support.

Thank you for supporting our humanitarian work!
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• This donation is tax deductible and the deduction will be automatically included in your tax assessment if you have provided your Tax Reference Number e.g. NRIC/FIN/UEN.

• The Salvation Army respects donors’ confidentiality. By submitting this donation form, we have added you into our donor mailing lists for processing donations, donor relationship management, fund raising and communications. To opt out of receiving communication materials, kindly email donations@smm.salvationarmy.org with the subject heading ‘Unsubscribe’.

Avoid the hassle of writing a cheque or worrying about enclosing cash in envelopes.

Receive a single summary of all your gifts in a year.

Alter or cease your donation at any time.

It is easier to find $10 a month than it is to find $120 a year.

Reduce the Army’s gift processing and mailing costs.

Life Changing
Regular gifts enable us to plan and develop our services and programmes more effectively to help our beneficiaries

To donate monthly via interbank GIRO, you can also fill up our Donation Form with the Business Reply Service and mail the completed form back to us.
Your gift means so much to someone in need. Be a part of the Red Shield Club now.