The Salvation Army International Commissions New General and Chief of Staff

(L to R) Commissioner Edward Hill, Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham, Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham, Commissioner Shelley Hill

  • The Salvation Army Singapore is a launch pad for high calibre international leaders
  • Both leaders met and served in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar Territory

3 August 2023

The Salvation Army International has elected Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham as the 22nd General and Commissioner Edward Hill as Chief of the Staff of the international organization. They will assume their new leadership roles at The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters in London from 3 August 2023, following the retirement of General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle.

Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham was Territorial Commander of Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory from 2013 to 2017 before he was appointed Territorial Commander of the United Kingdom Territory in 2018.

Commissioner Edward Hill served as Chief Secretary of Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory from 2016 to 2017 before moving on to assume office as Chief Secretary of Canada and Burma in 2018.

During their tenure, The Salvation Army Singapore launched Peacehaven Jade Circle to raise dementia care standards through new care models with a focus on autonomy, choices and dignity for the elderly.  Another initiative implemented was the launch of Interim Placement and Assessment Centre (IPACs) within Gracehaven, providing temporary shelter for young persons under child protection while needs assessments were being carried out to facilitate their placement in the most appropriate care environment.

Colonel Hary Haran, Territorial Commander of The Salvation Army Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory, recalls the synergy between Commissioners Lyndon and Edward when they served together as the Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territorial Commander and Chief Secretary respectively in 2016 and 2017. “During that period when they both served together, it was like capturing lightning in a bottle. Both of the leaders worked very well together and were able to impact the vulnerable communities in powerful ways.”

Commissioner Edward Hill shared, “Our time in Singapore was likely the most formative and enjoyable period of our Salvation Army service. We loved the people, place, and programs. We were also deeply influenced by the leadership of now General-elect Lyndon Buckingham and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham. Both were exemplary leaders who were missional, principled, godly, and passionate about their service to God and The Salvation Army. Their fine influence was both inspiring and instructive in the development of my own leadership practices.”

In an increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, coupled with the fact that ASEAN economies are developing faster than the rest of the world, leadership in Asia has required agility and acumen to work across different cultures with varying levels of political, social, economic and technological development. “ASEAN is not homogeneous. We need leaders who have a glocal outlook, and are also able to empathise with the underserved population,” said Chief Secretary of The Salvation Army Singapore, Lieutenant Colonel Kyle Smith. ‘’The fact that Commissioners Lyndon and Edward have both served in the Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory before progressing to international territories is a testament to the pivotal role that The Salvation Army Singapore plays in being a launch pad for high calibre international leaders.’’