Children Need Their Mum’s Love

John* and his wife are the loving grandparents to 5 children. After their daughter’s incarceration, they took over the care of their grandchildren. Having more mouths to feed was a heavy burden on their shoulders. Even though the couple struggled to cope with the additional responsibilities, embarrassment by their daughter’s incarceration prevented them from seeking support from their relatives.

In 2021, John registered his grandchildren for the Kids in Play (KIP) programme under The Salvation Army’s Children and Youth Group. Before joining the KIP programme, the children were unable to visit their mother frequently due to regulations on the number of visitors. With the support of KIP, the children not only have regular virtual meetings with their mother, but are also able to hug their mother during the open visits held during KIP’s family bonding programme.

KIP’s specially planned programmes served to strengthen the family’s relationships strained with estrangement, anger, and shame. As part of KIP’s programmes, the children attend educational outings and community events. Without having to worry about financial constraints. Besides helping the children cope with their mother’s incarceration through our EMPower group sessions, KIP also supported through our Caregivers’ Connect sessions. Unfortunately, as things were improving, John’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and the couple was devastated. With KIP’s counselling and support, they eventually found the courage to share their real struggles with their relatives.

The Salvation Army supports children of incarcerated parents and journeys with them through the difficult period of separation. Caregivers are also given a safe space to share their challenges and gain strength and confidence to be better caregivers. Your donation would certainly provide great courage and psychosocial help to these families today.

*Name has been changed and a volunteer model was used in the photograph, to safeguard the beneficiaries.