Moments to share our love, joy and festivities with our Community

A member of our community, Mrs Tan*, was working as a coffee shop assistant and lived a simple life with her husband. However, in 2017 she suffered a stroke and became wheelchair-bound after an extensive hospital stay. When it was uncertain how long it would take for her to be rehabilitated, Peacehaven Nursing Home lovingly took her in and provided her with the care she desperately needed. During her stay, our care staff worked tirelessly to aid her recovery. When she was discharged, Mrs Tan found solace in joining another the Salvation Army programme – the Peacehaven Changi Day Centre’s Integrated Home and Day Care so that she could be cared for during the day.

Unfortunately, Mrs Tan suffered a second stroke a few months later. She became bedbound and had to be fed through a tube. Furthermore, as she was speech impaired, she was only able to communicate with her eyes and fingers. As Mr Tan could not afford to provide the necessary intensive care, he opted to admit his wife into Peacehaven Nursing Home in 2018.

For over a year, Mr Tan never failed to visit his wife every evening despite his long working hours. When visits to residential care facilities were suspended, he would even stand outside the building daily just to be close to his wife. We were humbled daily through these acts of care and were motivated to continue giving others the same opportunities to be loved when there are none left.

The Salvation Army works tirelessly to support those in need. During this festive season, we call for you to share your blessings and give love to our extensive range of social programmes: ranging from caring for the frail elderly, vulnerable children and youth, to isolated migrant workers.

*Name has been changed and a volunteer model was used in the photograph, to safeguard the beneficiaries.