This past year has been very difficult for many of us, especially for the more vulnerable groups here in Singapore. At The Salvation Army, we have experienced first-hand the pandemic’s immense impact on the lives of the underprivileged. Despite the increased challenges faced, we remained steadfast in caring for our beneficiaries whilst ensuring their mental and emotional well-being. We are proud of the steps we have taken to vastly expand our capacity to help the public:

To reach out to at-risk seniors, we opened a new centre at Bedok early this year to care for the mental health of seniors struggling with social isolation. We also provided day programmes for seniors with dementia to help them normalise living with their condition, which was especially important during this pandemic.

To help improve the emotional well-being of our migrant workers, we opened a walk-in centre with our key partner to offer counselling, emotional support, and other necessary assistance. This is on top of our helpline that offered a listening ear to all their problems. To soften the cumulative effects of cabin fever on our foreign friends, we have also distributed over 50,000 food and care packs.

However, our work doesn’t have an end point. Our beneficiaries will continue to need support during these challenging times, and we will always stand beside them.

Besides caring for the elderly and migrant workers, we also assist a wide range of friends living in Singapore – struggling families, vulnerable children and youth, and troubled domestic workers are just some of the people we take under our wing. Operating since 1935, The Salvation Army has been funded by the love and generosity of Singaporeans – please help keep hope alive for those who have nowhere to turn to. We thankfully accept any donations through the following methods:

– Scan the PayNow QR code below with your bank’s mobile application.
– Donate online

*Volunteer models were used in the photographs to protect the identity of our beneficiaries.