We often overlook those who are busy building our houses or keeping our streets clean. Many of these migrant workers have left their families behind to make a living in Singapore. They crave friendship and support as they often feel invisible, just like Jai*.

Jai is a migrant worker who came to Singapore to support his family in 2001. He tried to adjust to this new life, but loneliness crept up on him and he started drowning his sorrows with alcohol. To fuel his addiction, Jai borrowed large sums of money and chalked up a huge debt which he struggled to pay off.

With his problems mounting up, Jai approached The Salvation Army Sojourn to seek help to get out of his predicament. With the practical assistance and counselling provided by Sojourn, Jai gradually broke free from his drinking habit and eventually paid off his debt. He even started volunteering with Sojourn to help others lead a more fulfilling life.

In addition to helping migrant workers living in purpose-built dormitories, Sojourn recently expanded its reach to those living in factory-converted dormitories around Little India. Our new premise within Sojourn Cafe at 14 Flanders Square doubles up as a site for soup kitchen programmes for malnourished migrant workers and for help desk services to those requiring our support and assistance.

The Salvation Army will continue to be there for migrant workers and other needy beneficiaries who are struggling and in need of a helping hand. We hope you can join us and support our work by donating via one of these options:

– Scan the PayNow QR code below with your bank’s mobile application.
– Donate online

*To protect the identity of our beneficiary, his name has been changed and a volunteer model was used in the photograph.