Second Chances: How Donations Can Positively Impact the Lives of Ex-offenders

They say the longest journey begins with a single step. But for ex-offenders seeking to rebuild their lives after incarceration, even that first step is wrought with obstacles. Every door seems closed. Every opportunity is denied. Statistics from 2022 show the recidivism rate among Singapore’s ex-offenders released from prison in 2020 reached 20.4%. This means more than 1 in 5 relapsed into crime within two years of their release. Landing a stable job with a criminal record is an uphill battle, leaving many floundering without financial security or self-worth. As a society, we cannot turn a blind eye to those genuinely seeking second chances. We cannot continue depriving former convicts of the chance to transform themselves into contributing members of our community. Supporting the successful reintegration of ex-offenders is a crucial societal responsibility; it paves the way for positive change. This is where our charitable donations can make a tangible, life-altering difference. By generously giving our time, money and resources to programmes helping ex-offenders reintegrate into society, we uplift our fellow human beings from a space of defeat and despair. We illuminate the path forward. We rekindle motivation and hope once lost. Together, let us extend our hands to offer second chances.

The Practical Power of Donations


Donations provide the lifeline ex-offenders desperately need to get back on their feet after release. Without our support, thousands would remain lost, bereft of hope or purpose. The TSA program typically entails three-phase support components: pre-release preparation, release pick-up, and post-release support. In the months before release, the inmates will go through counselling and spiritual guidance to address psychological issues and develop customised reintegration plans assessing their practical needs for housing, jobs, and finances post-release. On the actual day of discharge, at the prison gates to pick up the ex-offender, providing welcoming and emotional support during their anxious transition, as well as practical transportation to temporary housing that has been arranged earlier. After release, we continue executing the tailored reintegration plan through financial assistance, job matching services, regular visits and monitoring, long-term counselling, and peer support groups that offer community and accountability. This phased handholding across pre- and post-release allows vulnerable ex-offenders to successfully adapt to society again and not re-offend. Our three-pronged approach of pre-release preparation, release pick-up and post-release support provides a continuum of care that empowers ex-offenders to reintegrate into society.


This continuum of care offers ex-offenders the chance to transform their futures. Counselling sessions help them resolve childhood traumas buried deep within, leading to substance abuse, violence, and crime. Therapists empower them to confront past demons haunting their present. Sponsorships allow ex-offenders to pursue long-forgotten dreams of finishing school. Diplomas and degrees open new doors to better opportunities, restoring a sense of self-worth. Shelters give ex-offenders a stable foundation to start rebuilding their lives. Job training programmes equip them with skills to provide for families and leave their troubled pasts behind for good. We empower ex-offenders to envision and grasp a better future by funding such initiatives through our charitable gifts. We offer them the tools and support to redirect their paths. We rekindle their flickering inner light. An ex-offender once shared that the counselling sessions changed his life. He felt the hope of breaking free from anger for the first time. Without the generosity of donors, he would still be lost. Others finally earned diplomas, regaining their courage to dream. Our donations give ex-offenders access to vital lifelines. Together, we can deliver them from darkness into light.

A ex-con shaking hand with employer during job interview, helping ex-offenders find jobs

Empowering Ex-Offenders Through Employment

One of the most critical needs for ex-offenders is assistance finding stable employment after release. Without a job, ex-offenders struggle to achieve financial independence and restore their sense of self-worth. Unemployment also leads to idle time, increasing the risk of falling into old habits and potential reoffending. This is why job training initiatives and skills development programs funded by donations are invaluable for ex-offender’s reintegration. The Salvation Army Singapore’s Prison Support Services (PSS) provides a range of employment assistance programmes to equip ex-offenders with vocational skills tailored to available jobs. For instance, their career guidance workshops teach crucial skills like resume writing, job search techniques and interview coaching to get ex-offenders job-ready. Volunteers provide one-on-one mentorship and insider industry knowledge to maximise chances of securing employment. Some are even placed in transitional jobs through the centre’s partnerships with organisations willing to give ex-offenders a second chance. With this comprehensive training and guidance, many discover meaningful careers and financial stability thanks to the generous support of donors funding programmes like those offered by the PSS.

A man taking a leap of belief, jumping over a cliff with the word possible for ex prisoner to be gainfully employed

Handling Smooth Transitions

The transition from incarceration to freedom is not easy for ex-offenders. However, donations help provide a continuum of support across different aspects of their reintegration journey. Mental health services like counselling and therapy at Singapore Prison Services (SPS) help resolve inner trauma, addiction issues, and emotional disturbances. Housing assistance through The Salvation Army Prison Support Services (PSS) provides initial stability and accountability. Job training programs at PSS skills development centres open employment opportunities in food services, housekeeping, logistics, and more. Our gifts allow ex-offenders to access comprehensive support services like the PSS, helping smooth out the bumpy road to getting their lives back on track. With tailored rehabilitation spanning emotional, practical and vocational needs, PSS makes a tangible difference in empowering ex-offenders to reintegrate into society.

A group of young Asian volunteers helping ex-offenders find jobs while posing for a picture.

Volunteer to Make an Impact

Support programmes that help ex-offenders heal from emotional trauma, learn vocational skills, find stable jobs and reintegrate into society. Volunteer to personally befriend and mentor ex-offenders as they navigate rebuilding their lives. Lend them strength and encouragement through unemployment struggles. Share your employment experiences. Provide a listening ear when frustrations arise. Mentorship is powerfully uplifting on the road to recovery. If you are an employer, exercise compassion. Offer job shadowing, internships or employment opportunities for motivated ex-offenders. Give them a chance to get their foot in the door and prove themselves. Join forces with organisations that break down systemic barriers faced by ex-offenders trying to earn an honest living. Your company can make a difference. Even small contributions of time, money or resources in any amount or form go a long way in breaking the cycle of recidivism. Let us offer ex-offenders hope and the chance to start anew positively.


Two individuals supporting and assisting each other on a mountain at sunset in their journey to help ex-offenders find employment opportunities.

Making a Difference Through Donations


As individuals, we have the power to positively shape the lives of ex-offenders seeking second chances in Singapore. By donating our time, money or resources, we fund critical initiatives that provide practical care, training, counselling, and new opportunities. We uplift ex-offenders and illuminate a path forward, defined not by their past failures but by new potential. Support comprehensive programmes that help ex-offenders heal from emotional trauma, learn vocational skills, find stable jobs and reintegrate into society, If you have time, volunteer to personally mentor ex-offenders as they navigate rebuilding their lives. Lend them strength and encouragement. Share your experience. If you are an employer, exercise compassion – provide job opportunities for ex-offenders to get back on their feet. Join with organisations that break down barriers faced by ex-offenders. Even small contributions of any amount or form go a long way in breaking the cycle of recidivism. Together, let us offer ex-offenders the chance to positively start anew.  There are many meaningful ways to make a difference. To explore volunteering, collaborating or donating to support ex-offenders, please email The Salvation Army has many opportunities to help ex-offenders change their lives. Support organisations like them to uplift ex-offenders in Singapore. Every life given a second chance is precious. It is worth our generous celebration through action.